Interior design

Sherwin Williams Shanghai HQ

Project: Sherwin Williams Shanghai office

Concept design team: Katarzyna Polus, Sergey Vaskin, Maciej Debicki

Area: 5000 sqm

Location: Shanghai, China

Status: Completed in May 2019

Sherwin Williams is a global manufacturer of paints and coatings. Boosting its presence on Asian market, company decided to open new China headquarter in Shanghai. Over 5000 sqm area is shared between two functions: showroom and office space.

As company is providing paints and coatings for multiple industries, hence it was crucial to express SW innovative products inspirations in unified way. When trying to capture a photo of products SW is providing coatings for, there is one thing in common – colors. When trying to zoom such a photo in – you see that every picture contains of pixels, the smallest graphic elements holding only one important information – color codes. Pixels became our key design element, in both: big and small scale. Arrangement of particular functions follows pixels arrangement, where special areas are distinct by rotating them. And then those particular functions contain of smaller pixels – modular boxes defining spaces, expressing colors, presenting variety of products in one, unified way.

For the company to impress employees in similar way they want to impress customers, we designed agile working space with multiple collaboration areas, comfortable and functional meeting rooms and always available private office areas. Different floors contain of different colors codes, allowing employees to navigate throughout the space and making it fun space to work.

Project made by PLUSspace International