Massmedio Media Center

Project: Massmedio Media Center

Concept design team: Katarzyna Polus, Maciej Debicki

Area: 18 000 sqm

Location: Gliwice, Poland

Status: In progress

Media Centre Gliwice Massmedio consists of three main buildings with different functions: a television station, radio station and the Department of Radio and Television.
The idea of ​​combining these objects with each other resulted from the analyzes examples of similar complexes abroad as well as individual objects in Poland. The problem with existing television and radio centers in the country is the lack of qualified technical staff. Each newly employed person, in spite of studies must complete the long course preparing for work. On the one hand there is big gap in this education direction, on the other hand existing universities do not have funds for modern equipment to assist learning.

Hence the idea to combine the function of education and work experience in a complex of buildings. Opportunity to observe and work with a highly qualified staff of radio and television give students great opportunities for growth and competitiveness in the future career. On the other hand, both the TV station and the radio is gaining well-trained future employees. This connection also allows for joint promotion – TV station and radio media as a brand need representative offices and can take patronage of the school building.

The idea of ​​”Massmedio” is based on the interaction of its parts in the spatial, aesthetic concept and, consequently, the design solutions. What distinguishes every building is functional and spatial solutions specific to each function separately. Use strongly linear, simple, dynamic architecture is in its assumption reflect the modernity and flexibility of the solution.
The main goal of ​​the project was a clear functional division and sincere reflection inside function in an external form. In each of the individual buildings we designed a multimedia room, hence the characteristic breakdown of solids.