Pentower 5

Project: Pentower 5

Concept design team: Katarzyna Polus, Maciej Debicki

Area: 100 000 sqm

Location: Hong Kong

Status: International design competition project

The main purpose of design competition was to create an ideas and solutions to growing problem of cars congestion in urban area of Hong Kong. As the city is limited withing island area and it is important to preserve as much greenery as possible, there is growing need for smoother and taller buildings, where citizens find place to live and work.

General idea for Pentower 5 project is to maximize functionality of built-up space by creating building serving multiple purposes: office area during the day, parking lot during the night and hotel and lounge bars located on top as permament supporting functions. In order to accomodate cars on all floors, core of the building is equipped with 2 carlifts. There is special lane and functional solutions allowing cars to smoothly enter and exit building.