Psie Pole Cultural Center

Project: Psie Pole Cultural Center

Concept design team: Katarzyna Polus, Maciej Debicki, Robert Wizor, Krzysztof Kozusznik

Area: 1800 sqm

Location: Wroclaw, Poland

Status: International Competition project

3rd Grand Prix in the competition organized by the Municipality of Wrocław: “Cultural Center and Library Psie Pole”

The competition task was to design a cultural center containing the municipal library. The main problem was the location of an object in the historic part of the city and varied in terms of functionality as well as building height neighborhood. Very characteristic plot shape, requirements of the investor and the local development plan forced to seek solutions that minimize circulation and maximize the use of space.

The building has been formed in accordance with the internal function in a way that best integrate with the existing buildings. Undercutting the corner accentuates the entrance zone and adjust to the bend of the road. In addition, the division of the facade on three levels refers to the context of the environment. Breaking the top floor reduces the optical scale to small-town.

A very important element of the project was the use of graphics on the front elevation, which allowed the integration of the entire entrance area and show a main function of the object in a symbolic way.

Using sunscreen vertical panels allows limit the view of the “unwanted” neighborhood (funeral home) and open up the prospect for a historic church and the park. The use of blinds makes north-east elevation view calm and more dynamic in the opposite direction. The divisions on the facade relate to neighboring buildings in a symbolic way – through their increasing, directs the entrance area.