Interior design

Boston Scientific Shanghai HQ office

Project: Boston Scientific Shanghai HQ office

Concept design team: Katarzyna Polus, Maciej Debicki, Sergey Vaskin

Administration and project operation: Tracy Bi, Andrey Arkhipov

Design development and BIM management: Andrii K., Oleksandr M., Tatijana G., Oleh S.,

Project management: Tyler Zhang

Area: 3600 sqm

Location: Shanghai, China

Status: Completed in December 2019

Large scale companies require large scale headquarters across the world. Each working environment contains of variety of departments, functions and zones with different level of privacy. The bigger the office space, the harder it gets to format all the functions in proper, unified system.

Looking for and developing the system became our greatest challenge, when working on Boston Scientific Shanghai HQ. We found an inspiration in Neural networks, which learn and become more efficient through the simple system of repeating multiple times the following steps: check the input information, attempt to solve the problem by trying different solutions, see and analyze the result. Only through the thorough analysis of BSC specific requirements, employees recommendations and deep learning of company culture we could program the very efficient, innovative and agile working space.

Center part of the office is called “Social Bridge”. It contains of the spaces open to the public on the one side and areas designed for collaboration on the other. These are the places where employees meet each other every day and can exchange the experience. There are secondary collaboration areas, located right next to open space working areas, for fast meetings between the project team members. Zoning the agile space in this way gives more privacy for the project team members in the same time allowing people to smoothly communicate when it is necessary.

Each open space working area is enclosed from the main circulation by the colorful and movable glass partitions. They serve several functions: make the open office more private, give additional space for notes and ideas during the short meetings and in the same time keep the space transparent and open.

Consistent with overall BSC image, the office is very bright, dynamic and contain of contrasting in texture materials: raw concrete, colorful glass and smooth white surfaces topped with greenery accents.