Interior design

Boston Scientific Institute for Advancing Science in Shanghai

Project: Boston Scientific Institute for Advancing Science

Concept design team: Katarzyna Polus, Maciej Debicki, Sergey Vaskin

Administration and project operation: Tracy Bi, Andrey Arkhipov

Design development and BIM management: Andrii K., Oleksandr M., Tatijana G., Arseniy I., Denis Z., Vladislav T.

Parametric design development: Arsenii I.

Project management: Tyler Zhang, Knight Frank

Area: 1200 sqm

Location: Shanghai, China

Status: Completed in July 2019

Project was awarded with Bronze Medal at REKA International Design Award 2019 ceremony during design week in Kuala Lumpur.

Boston Scientific is the leading company in designing and manufacturing medical devices. Main purpose of the Shanghai’s 35th floor project was to accomodate distinct office function of IAS – Institute of Advancing Science. It is a combination of office, training, laboratory and creative areas which serve as main training facility for physicians and technicians operating with Boston Scientific medical devices.

When designing a project like that, we started with question what is the next step for Boston Scientific, how do the leaders of company see the future of their business?
Our most important inspiration became the answer we have received:
“It is becoming the most enviable company with great experience in medical science field”.
With that in mind, we were looking for design that would express futuristic approach with experience and let the visitors understand Boston Scientific’s principles.

Moving from big picture to details, we have asked employees about most futuristic projects they are working on and about the technologies they are currently implementing. One of the most impressive tech solutions was the one not directly related to medical science. It is the use of IOT and big data in collaborative works, what brings all the great ideas together and lets scientists from different part of the globe create inventions that help pushing medical science ahead. Hence we decided to design entire floor with minimized visible borders between particular functions. It helps also to use the space in variety of ways: for one time visitors to see laboratory work and showroom area without interfering with office workers and for trainees to move flawlessly between laboratories, meeting and training rooms. Furthermore we wanted the showroom area to become interconnected by reflecting lights, metallic wires on the ceiling, which represent the IOT and big data flow.

Finally, Boston Scientific’s products are designed for humans so it was important to relate to nature and elements of our bodies. As the company is becoming the core for the medical science field, we decided to use human’s core – skeleton structure as inspiration for showroom. It is wrapping special areas and underlines their importance.