Public Library and City Hall

Project: Public Library and City Hall

3rd Grand Prix in the competition organized by the Polish Association of Architects:
“Public Library and the Town Hall in Czechowice-Dziedzice”

Location: Czechowice-Dziedzice

The project is divided into three phases included:

In step 1:
Designing the depending on the relevant requirements of the local development plan (including the number of parking spaces). The park was created to develop with various elements of public spaces, such as the amphitheater, fountains, playgrounds and places for recreation. The main idea was to base the design of the two main urban axes defining the main directions of the influx of people. Consider both directions: for public transportation as well as the city center. Soft forms of urban tracks lead to the library facilities and the city council.

KAMarchitects czechowice dziedzice 1 small

In step 2:
Designing the Public Library based on strict financial conditions. Building was supposed to be cheap and easy in execution and also have common elements with the Town Hall scheduled for third stage of competition. Therefore it is simple form of the building and a clear division of functional – spatial. Simplicity also applies to the design and decor. An important element is the use of the facade panels designed to symbolize the book sheets.

KAMarchitects czechowice dziedzice 2 small

In step 3:
Designing the municipal office, as in the case of a library, based on the stringent cost considerations. Building should be inexpensive to implement and at the same time representative. Therefore City Hall consists of simple solids reflecting located inside functions. The central part was lifted in order to create architectural accent and better exposure.

KAMarchitects czechowice dziedzice 3 small

Project made in collaboration with Robert Wizor – Wizor Arte Atelier.