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Who we are?
UNION is an international architectural and interior design firm specialized in office, retail and hospitality projects. Having team consisting of architects, structural engineers, project and BIM managers let us deliver creative and innovative design to our customers.

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With experience of over 200 completed projects globally and use of advanced technology, we strive to be a leader in integrated design solutions.

Integrated design services tailored for you
Whether you are looking for creative concept team, experienced design development group or professional construction services, we are here to help.

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Every project is different. Every customer has different expectations. We are tailor fitting our team for your needs.

Letting you control MORE with BIM
We care about you being in charge of your project – from the the very first design sketch and even after project completion. Because all our works are created in BIM software, you can control the process. Remotely. Wherever you are. Whenever you want.

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We provide access to the always updated BIM model using cloud service. Client, GC, engineers, render and furniture companies are always up to date with work progress. It helps us to save a lot of time for communication and avoid a lot of difficulties when working on complex projects. The same model is being used for construction drawings production, simulations, renderings and quotation.

See your project in enhanced reality
Our enhanced work management tools let us lower risks, deliver faster and achieve greater quality.

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We use scrum boards and cloud based tools to be closer to our customers, project managers, consultants and let them control design and manage the project accordingly. Task management system is available online 24/7 and each task is assigned to particular designer, engineer or consulant. We reduce the response time. We limit the risk.